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March Highlight: From Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation with Kathleen Marden

Join Truth Be Told host Tony Sweet as sits down with acclaimed Author Kathleen Marden to talk about her life, that was profoundly influenced by her aunt and uncle, Betty and Barney Hill's alien abduction.

Kathleen Marden's aunt and uncle's alien abduction led her on a quest for answers amid personal challenges with the unknown. Despite threats from those wielding disinformation to suppress knowledge, Marden ventured into the world of paranormal phenomena, engaging with thousands of UFO experiencers, contributing to major studies, and advocating for these often-mocked individuals. Her extensive research and archival exploration uncovered government secrets about extraterrestrial communication. Alongside researchers, Marden embarked on a years-long experiment to understand the motivations behind alien visits to Earth, their history with our planet, and the hidden knowledge they possess. These revelations are unpacked in her compelling book.

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