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Created by executive producer and host, Tony Sweet, TRUTH BE TOLD started as a weekly, live podcast/vidcast. The show would tackle topics some might consider "strange and unusual," including UFOs, alien abductions, the paranormal, cryptozoology, ancient mysteries and lost civilizations, conspiracy theories, true crime and more! Never with the intent to steer his audience to a conclusion, Tony wanted to develop a platform which would present the facts as delivered by an expert, and allow the audience to discern what they wanted to find the truth on their own.


As his show began to grow, drawing in more views and subscribers, pulling in more notable guests. he began to consider creating additional content for the brand. 

As of 2021, the TRUTH BE TOLD brand now includes three weekly shows, a semi-regular "travel show," and other special edition content. 

Mondays at 3P PT/6P ET, producer and host Robert Hensley presents the TRUTH BE TOLD MINUTEMAN REPORT, a weekly, live, short-form program, offering quick bites of content within the same genres as our audience has come to enjoy. 

Wednesdays at 3P PT/6P ET, producer and host Bonnie Burkert present TRUTHE BE TOLD TRANSFORMATION, a weekly program aimed at more spiritual and mind-expanding topics. 

Fridays at 3P PT/6P ET, Tony continues his original, weekly, live TRUTH BE TOLD shows. 

On a semi-regular basis, Tony also hosts TRUTH BE TOLD TRUTH TRAVELLER, a travel show, which endeavors to give the audience an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at destinations around the world. 

The TRUTH BE TOLD YouTube channel currently has over 34,000 subscribers. We average 5-10,000 downloads per month on Apple Podcast, as well as being available on Spotify, iHeart Media, Pandora, Audacity, and all other major podcast platforms. Tony's weekly show is also syndicated on WCRN TV Boston, and will soon be on their NYC affiliate. 

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