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This Month: Friday, April 21 @ 3 PM PST


Elizabeth Peru

Spiritual Teacher


Elizabeth Peru is an acclaimed Australian-based Spiritual Leader, Author and Life Guide whose energy forecasts and consciousness teachings (The Tip-Off) are read by tens of thousands of souls each week, in over 100 countries worldwide. For over 2 decades, Elizabeth has been dedicated to raising global consciousness and uplifting humanity. She's known for being on the forefront of interpreting energy shifts, presenting often complex spiritual subjects, in an easy to understand way. Her Guided Meditation Journeys are transformative soul activations and her popular ascension blog is one of the most widely read on the planet.

This Month: Friday, April 28 @ 3 PM PST


Russell Targ

Physicist and Author

"Third Eye Spies"

Russell is a physicist and author, a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications, and a cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) investigation of psychic abilities in the 0970s and 1980s.  Called remote viewing, his work in the psychic area has been published in Nature, The Proceedings of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)., and the Proceedings of the American Association in the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
Targ is the author or co-author of nine books dealing with the scientific investigation of psychic abilities and Buddhist approaches to the transformation of consciousness.  His current book is The Reality of ESP:  A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities.  As a senior staff scientist at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Targ developed airborne laser systems for the detection of wind shear and air turbulence. Having retired in 1997,he now writes books of psychic research and teaches remote viewing worldwide.

Upcoming: Friday, May 5 @ 3 PM PST


Stephen Flowers, Ph.D.


"Occult & Nazis"

Stephen Edred Flowers is a former American professor, scholar, runologist, runosophist, goði and proponent of occultism, Odianism, esoteric runosophy, Germanic mysticism, Asatru, and Mazdaism, being instrumental in the early establishment of the Germanic Neopagan movement in North America and has also been very active in Left-Hand Path occult organizations. He has over three dozen published books and hundreds of published papers and translations on a disparate range of subjects. Flowers advocates "Esoteric Runology and runosophy" and "Odianism" (occultist aspects of Germanic Neopaganism).

Friday, May 12 @ 3 PM PST


Shane Cashman


"Tales from the Inverted World: Ghosts of the Civil War"

Shane Cashman is the best-selling author of three books including Joyless Kingdom, The Fucking Lunatic, and Tales From the Inverted World. He is a staff writer for Timcast News where he has profiled Kanye West and Kari Lake—as well as investigated the Long Island Serial Killer and the lost Confederate gold in Georgia. He is a frequent guest on Timcast IRL—and has also appeared on shows such as the Bret Easton Ellis Podcast, Quite Frankly, The Paranormal Network, The Minds Podcast and more.

Friday, May 19 @ 3 PM PST


Richard Estep


"Fox Hollow Horror"

Richard Estep, author and researcher, has written twenty books, including Serial Killers: The Minds, Methods, and Mayhem of History's Most Notorious Murderers. His most recent book is a true crime novel titled, The Serial Killer Next Door: The Double Lives of Notorious Murderers. He has also written for the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. He makes his home in Colorado, a few miles north of Denver, where he serves as a paramedic and lives with his wife and a menagerie of adopted animals.

Friday, May 26 @ 3 PM PST


Antonio Pagliarulo


"Evil Eye

Antonio Pagliarulo is the author of the forthcoming The Evil Eye: The History, Mystery & Magic of the Quiet Curse (Weiser Books, 2023). He writes regularly about spirituality, witchcraft and Paganism, and the intersection of folk magic with popular culture and religion. Published by The Washington Post, New York Daily News, Religion News Service, and The Wild Hunt, he wrote his first book, Rocking the Goddess: Campus Wicca for the Student Practitioner, as a college senior. His second book, American Witch: Magick for the Modern Seeker, was published a year later, both by Kensington Books under the pseudonym Anthony Paige. The son of Italian immigrants, Pagliarulo was schooled since childhood in the ways of Italian folk magic. As such, his practice draws from Paganism, Roman Catholicism, Evil Eye magic, and the tarot. Pagliarulo holds a BA in Sociology from Purchase College, State University of New York. He lives in Manhattan with his husband.

Friday, June 2 @ 3 PM PST

James Martin.webp

James Martin

Author, Historian, and Professor


James Martin is a British trade unionist, historian, economist and lecturer, having previously worked in finance, employment law and now is a lecturer in further and higher education. As a historian, James believes that 'understanding the past is crucial to understanding our future,' noting that evidence should guide us but our minds should be open to ideas. James has studied a wide range of fields, including industrial relations, equalities, history & politics, OSH, and astronomy and has recently completed a D.Ed to further his role as a lecturer. James has taught for a number of academic institutions ranging from Ruskin, Oxford to Northern College. James has been a member and investigator of the Worsley Paranormal Group since its founding in 2003. He has made numerous appearances on radio and television and is now a regular on Nightvision Radio. He has described himself as a 'history geek' and a 'space nerd' and has dedicated a large portion of his more recent life to research into the Knights Templar, The Roman Empire, and the Western traditions of spirituality.

Friday, July 14 @ 3 PM PST

Andrew Collins.jpg

Andrew Collins


"First Female Pharoah"

Andrew Collins is a science and history writer who investigates advanced civilizations in prehistory. He is the co-discoverer of a massive cave complex beneath the Giza plateau, now known as “Collins’ Cave.” The author of several books, including Origins of the Gods and Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods, he regularly appears on radio shows, podcasts, and TV series, including Ancient Aliens, The UnXplained with William Shatner, and Lost Worlds. He lives in Essex, England.

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