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        Friday, Jun. 14th                                                       


Author of "Rediscovering Turtle Island"

A first peoples' account of the sacred geography of America.

Taylor Keen

          Friday, Jun. 21st                                                      


Robert Hunt

Author of "Why Me? A Lifetime of Alien Encounters"

A true account of Robert's sixty-three years of experiencing the unexplained, the unfathomable, the impossible—and lived to talk about it.

          Friday, Jun. 28th                                                     


David DeKok

Author of "Fire Underground: The Ongoing Tragedy of the Centralia Mine Fire"

For much of its history, Centralia, Pennsylvania, had a population of around 2,000. By 1981, this had dwindled to just over 1,000―not unusual for a onetime mining town. But as of 2007, Centralia had the unwelcome distinction of being the state's tiniest municipality, with a population of nine. The reason: an underground fire that began in 1962 has decimated the town with smoke and toxic gases, and has since made history.

          Friday, July 19th                                                     


Keith Thompson

Author of "The UFO Paradox"

In case after case related to UFO encounters and other unknown aerial phenomena (UAP), the same impasse is reached: testimony from witnesses on one side, dismissive responses from the authorities on the other. In the fertile void of this deadlock, however, lie extraordinary possibilities about the nature of mind and matter, spirit and soul, transforming the UFO into a celestial, metaphysical event.

          Friday, Aug. 2nd                                                      


Alice Markham-Cantor

Author of "The Once and Future Witch Hunt"

In 1692, Martha Allen Carrier was hanged in the Salem witch trials as the "Queen of Hell." Three hundred years later, her nine-times-great-granddaughter, Alice Markham-Cantor, set out to discover why Martha had died. As she chased her ancestor through the archives, graveyards, and haunted places of New England, grappling with what we owe the past, Alice discovered a shocking truth: witch hunts didn't end in Salem.

          Friday, Aug. 9th                                                      


Brandon Alvis  Mustafa Gatollari

Author of "Elements of a Haunting: Connecting History with Science"

 Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari, stars of the hit A&E television show Ghost Hunters delve into the methodology of their most compelling investigations. Elements of a Haunting covers the shocking secrets of the Athenaeum in Indianapolis, the Madison Seminary in Ohio, the Worley Hospital in Texas, the Glen House in Missouri, and the Original Springs Hotel and Galena Marine Hospital in Illinois.

          Friday, Aug. 16th                                                      


Author of "Rediscovering Turtle Island"

A first peoples' account of the sacred geography of America.

Taylor Keen

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