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Edward Epperly

Investigator & Author

"Fiend Incarnate"

Sometime during the night of June 10, 1912, a person or persons unknown bludgeoned to death Josiah B. Moore, his wife Sara, their children Herman, Katherine, Boyd, and Paul, and two overnight guests Lena and Ina Stillinger. The sensational crime in Villisca, Iowa led to nearly 10 years of investigations and trials.

The small Southwest Iowa town split over the guilt or innocence of a local businessman and State Senator. A traveling minister from England with a history of window-peeping was charged and tried. Investigators and reporters across the country speculated that the axe murders were the work of an early serial killer. Similar crimes had been committed in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Ellsworth, Kansas; and Monmouth, Illinois. This book represents the definitive written account of America's greatest unsolved mystery.

Illustrated with 190 photographs and diagrams.

Fiend Incarnate is a companion to the award-winning documentary feature film Villisca: Living With a Mystery.

Author Dr. Edgar V. Epperly has been researching the 1912 Villisca axe murders for over 60 years. He has written dozens of articles and blog entries, and appeared on CourtTV and other radio and television programs. He is a popular guest speaker at colleges, universities, historical societies, museums, libraries, and book stores. He resides in Decorah, Iowa. Epperly's research journey was the subject of the award-winning short documentary film AXMAN.

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