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Welcome to host Bonnie Burkert and the newest show to our stable - TRUTH BE TOLD TRANSFORATION

The newest edition to the TRUTH BE TOLD stable of shows, TRUTH BE TOLD TRANSFORMATION, officially launched on Wednesday, August 4th when host Bonnie Burkert interviewed spiritual guide and radio host Greg Friedman.

TRUTH BE TOLD TRANSFORMATION takes listeners on a journey to discover personal truths through the exploration of spirituality, metaphysics, and even the paranormal. Expect topics ranging from shamanic healing, crystals and energy work, yoga, and more.

About Bonnie:

After hitting the upper ranks at several major labels promoting superstars including Radiohead, Metallica, Björk and The Cure, Bonnie Burkert shifted her prowess to the wellness and spirit worlds, working with Bhakti Fest, Contact In The Desert, DisclosureFest, documentary Mantra: Sounds Into Silence, and über-healthy Flackers Crackers. Her Kundalini yoga certification and studies in ayurveda, shamanic traditions, Law of Attraction, earth ascension, and herbology earned her the nickname YogiBon: purveyor of Good Vibes.

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