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TRUTH BE TOLD Courts Controversy with True Crime Episode

On Friday, Tony welcomed former homicide detective and author Steve Hodel to the show. Steve is the son of George Hodel, one of the suspects in the gruesome 1947 Black Dahlia murder. The case has long been unsolved, and remains one of the most intriguing cases in Los Angeles history. Although there were formal arrests made or charges filed, there are a number of theories about "whodunit." Over the last decade (plus), Steve has investigated the grisly crime, and has come to the conclusion that his father, a doctor, George Hodel, was the murderer...and that it may not have been his only crime!

In just over 48 hours, this episode of TRUTH BE TOLD has garnered over a 3,000 views on our YouTube channel - on which Steve has had some interesting debates with other "Black Dahlia experts" in the comments - and downloaded nearly 1,500 times on Apple Podcasts.

If you missed this episode - "My Father, The Serial Killer" - watch it now on YouTube or listen to the audio on Apple Podcasts.

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