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April Highlight: "Ghosts of Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills"

This month we are highlighting "Ghosts of Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills," a chilling exploration of the Greystone Mansion’s eerie past in this enthralling episode of Truth Be Told Paranormal.

Tony welcomes authors Clete Keith and his broth Chris, whose recent book peels back the velvet curtains of Greystone Mansion to reveal tales of hauntings and the supernatural that have whispered through the halls of this historic estate for decades.

Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills, the Greystone Mansion is not just a landmark of architectural beauty, but a hotspot of paranormal activity and mystery.

In today’s episode, the Keith brothers delve into their investigative process, the history of the mansion, and some of the most spine-tingling stories they’ve encountered. From apparitions of the original family members who met tragic fates to inexplicable phenomena captured in EVP sessions, the authors share insights and evidence that suggest the mansion’s opulent walls could indeed be housing more than just memories.

Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast or a lover of historical mysteries, this conversation will not only draw back the curtain on the secrets of Greystone, but also immerse you in the spectral legacy that haunts its legacy. Tune in and let Tony Sweet and the Keith brothers guide you through the shadowy corridors of the past, uncovering the truths and legends entwined within the Ghosts of Greystone Mansion.

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